Pregnancy Can Be Made More Comfortable

A women’s body goes through a tremendous amount of change and stress during pregnancy and in many cases chiropractic care can offer safe and effective relief. One change is the production of hormones which gradually relax the ligaments so that the pelvis can prepare for birth. This, coupled with the weight of the baby and the change in the mother’s center of gravity puts tremendous stress on her lower back. In the later stages of pregnancy this stress may also cause discomfort and tension throughout the back, shoulders and neck.
The chiropractic adjustment works to re-align the spine, remove nerve pressure, thereby relaxing muscle spasms. By doing this, much of the discomfort is relieved and the body can better prepare itself during pregnancy for the up coming birth.

Specialized equipment is used to accommodate all expectant mothers at anytime during their pregnancy. Furthermore, to assure proper pain-free correction, the treatment is modified to fit each individual’s needs. By keeping the spine in proper alignment we can prevent nerve interference, assure that the body is working to its maximum potential and help you enjoy a comfortable pregnancy. Many of the expectant mothers I have treated also remark how ease their labor and delivery went. If you have a question regarding chiropractic care and your pregnancy please contact us.

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