Harvard Medical School Gives Edge to Chiropractic in Treating Low Back Pain

“Low back pain affects over 75% of the population today,” states Dr. Jim Agrusa, an area chiropractor. “ Statistics show that 11 million people per day per year.”

Dr. C. Norman Schealy, M.D. states that this country is struggling with a virtual epidemic of chronic back pain to a large extent because of the unique amount of back surgeries done in the United States. Considering that back surgeries give no greater than A 50:50 chance of success and the fact that approximately half of these patients have re-occurring back and leg pain within a year after the surgery, one can only conclude that there must be a better way.

The July issue of the Harvard Medical School’s Health letter poses the question as to whether chiropractic manipulation can hasten recovery from low back pain. They state the following: “ Manipulation therapy for the low back pain of recent onset appears to have an edge over other forms of treatment, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, heat or bed rest …

“What must be realized is that low back pain is a general term used to describe a set of symptoms, and that there are many different conditions that can cause these symptoms,” states Dr. Agrusa. “It has been my experience that the majority of low back pain can be treated effectively using chiropractic spinal adjustment, exercise and common sense.

“A problem detected and treated in its earliest stage is the easiest and least expensive to correct,” said Dr. Agrusa. “Early warning signs such as stiffness, discomfort, numbness and tingling should be looked into, especially if they have a tendency to come and go frequently. A chiropractic spinal examination to re-align the spine and remove pressure and stress from the nerves, muscles and ligaments can be achieved. What is absolutely essential for an individual to maintain health is to assume responsibility for his health. Proper rest, diet exercise, posture at home and work, as well as periodic spinal check- ups prove to be important in maintaining good health.”

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