Chiropractic and Allergies

When your body over reacts to foreign substance such as pollen, molds, chemicals etc., it is called an allergic reaction. This reaction can produce such things as excessive tearing, over production of mucous, an increase in white blood cell production and much more. The result can be as mild as watery eyes and a runny nose or as severe as asthma or respiratory failure. The cause of allergies are varied and the treatment is not always effective. Many times you are forced to try to lessen the symptoms rather than correct the problem. One thing is certain, if the body is provided with the nutrients it needs and if it is functioning at its maximum potential this response can be minimized.

The nervous system controls every activity of the body including the allergic response. If the nervous system is interfered with this important response will not function correctly and result in a condition we call allergies. Chiropractic works to locate and correct nerve interference so that the body can work properly. It also stimulates the flow of fluids sinus cavities and Eustachian tubes to prevent stagnation of these fluids which may result in sinus and ear infections.

Chiropractic care along with proper nutrition may allow you to enjoy freedom from allergies. If you suffer from allergies, sinus problems, chronic ear infections or asthma, you may benefit from Chiropractic care. I invite you to take advantage of a free chiropractic spinal examination and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy summer.

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