On the Job Stress and Injuries Respond More Favorable to Chiropractic Treatment

When a work injury occurs, all parties involve suffer the consequences. The employee suffers pain and loss of wages. The employer suffers a decrease in productivity and the possibility of insurance rate increases. The insurance company is responsible for paying benefits to the injured employee.
Spinal related injuries are perhaps the most common types of work injuries to occur. We see that certain occupations tend to put specific areas of the body under constant stress. For example, secretaries, computer operators and people who work with their hands above their head such as electricians, painters and construction workers are more likely to experience neck, upper back and arm problems. Laborers, Mechanics, truck drivers and people who sit most of the day appear more likely to have lower back and leg problems.” Many injuries can be avoided if we use common sense and are aware of certain warning signs. Good posture is essential with extended lifting or sitting. Neck or back discomfort which appears to worsen as the work day progresses may be warning you that a chiropractic spinal examination is necessary.” When a work injury does occur, prompt and proper care is essential for quick and effective healing. Worker’s Compensation provides for the individual’s right to select he doctor and type of treatment that best suits the condition. In the majority of spinal related injuries the Doctor of Chiropractic is the key to getting the best care available.

A Florida study of Workers Compensation statistics comparing chiropractic and medical treatment of certain job related injuries have shown that chiropractic treatment is (1) more effective, (2) 50% less expensive, (3) reduces time lost at work by 75%, and (4) reduces compensation costs. Therefore, chiropractic care not only aids the injured employee but also diminishes the burden put upon the employer and insurance company in job related injuries.

If you have been involved in a work injury or have a question regarding your health or chiropractic care, please contact us and we will answer any question you may have.may have.

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