Hints For A Healthy, Active Summer

As warmer weather approaches, many people are becoming involved in summer activities. Gardening, golf, softball and jogging are some of the things we do to shape-up and unwind. If you haven’t exercised much over the winter, it is important to remember two things. First, start slowly and increase your activity gradually, secondly, always stretch and warm-up before you exercise. These two things will help prevent strained muscles and nagging injuries.

More and more athletes are beginning to realize the importance of chiropractic care in the area of conditioning and athletic injuries. Conditioning is essential to athletic performance and safety. Chiropractic works to remove nerve pressure so that muscle strength, control and agility are optimized. It also restores spinal balance so that the amount of stress on the weight-bearing joints are minimized helping to prevent future degenerative changes from occurring These things will ultimately decrease the chance of injury and lengthen the athlete’s career and productivity. Treating athletic injuries chiropractically stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and in most cases enables the individuals to recover stronger and more completely, as well as helping them return to competition more quickly.

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